We are developing, producting and supplyig Hydrological, Meteorological & Rivergauging equipments for the analysis of weather data to Various Government & Non-Government institutions. We are also in approved manufacturer’s list of Regualar Meteorological equipments of Indian Meteorological Department, Pune.
Today, the measurement, processing and analysis of meteorological data requires a high degree of measurement instrument precision and an optimal adaption of the data acquired to the task at hand. Our instruments and systems fulfill in all respects to extensive level of accuracy. Weather data analysis without Computer aided measurement & logging is unthinkable today.We develop complete ready to start systems for all essential or optional components as per customer’s requirement.
The 3 Cup Anemometer is a general purpose wind speed measuring instrument. The unit has excellent specifications, is durable, and yet is very economical.The cup assembly and drive shaft rotate on precision stainless steel instrument bearings.The drive shaft has optoelectronic circuitry which generates TTL pulses.The frequency generated is proportional to the wind speed.
Our Datalogger is using Advanced Microcontroller system & Inbuit Real Time Clock with battery backup. The Data can be logged at specified interval set by User. (i.e. every 30 minutes). 128 KB Memory suitable for 8000 Readings suitable for approx. 6 months of data @ 30 minutes interval. Low Power consumption having Internal 12 V 7AH SMF Battery for Backup in case of MAINS power failure. Optional Solar Panel Recharging of Battery for Remote locations. 16 x 2 Alphanumeric Display for instant Data reading & Settings.
External Memory Module for data to transfer to a PC.RS232 port for direct PC interface.


Sensor :        3 Cup Anemometer with Optical Sensor having chopper at output
Threshold :  0.5 m/s
Range :         0 – 65 m/s
Output:         TTL Pulse proportional to Anemometer RPM with signal conditioning circuit.
Accuracy :      3% of full Range

Input :                         TTL Pulse input interface
Memory Capacity :   128 KB
Sampling Time :        2 Seconds
Power Supply :           12 V SMF Battery with charger, also operates on 240VAC MAINS
Display :                       16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD
Interface:                     RS 232 port & for Memory Module