Water level measurements form the basis of hydrologic soil examination.
Several systems are available for measuring and registrating water levels in boreholes, casing tubes, monitoring well pipes, water wells, open water, tanks, etc. The sounding apparatus, with acoustic and light signal, are used to determine liquid levels in boreholes, monitoring well pipes, etc. The measurements are performed and read-out manually. When mechanical recorders are used, the water level changes are registered by means of a writing mechanism.
The device is provided with a probe, which is connected to a special type of wire rope with markings in 0.5 inch or 1 cm graduation. It also has a stand to place it on top of borewell, platform. The wire rope is lowered in the borewell & when the probe touches a conductive liquid, a clear acoustic buzzer sound indication and light signal is produced. If the cable is then lifted a little, the signal will stop. Determination of this point allows the user to read the depth directly from the marking on wire rope.
The wire ropes are available in several lengths, on a reel, with or without a frame.
Advantage :
An inexpensive and simple, but reliable instrument.
Solid construction of cold-resistant synthetic material.
Small diameter of the probe allows application in virtually any monitoring well pipe.

Ordering parameters

Cable Length :              100 / 200 / 300 Ft.
Marking on Cable :      Graduation of ½ inch or 1 cm.