This Digital Water Current Meter is used to measure Velocity of water flow directly in m/s. The stainless steel spindle carrying the cup wheel freely rotates in the bearing assembly. The magnet and reed switch assembly produces one pulse per rotation. The rotation of the Water Current Meter is sensed by sensor & gives pulsed output signal.
The Digital Datalogger Unit consists of latest technology Microprocessor & 16 x 2 alphanumeric LCD which displays water flow velocity directly in m/s alongwith date & time. The resulting signal from Current Meter processed by microprocessor assures maximum possible accuracy and provides special functions like storing velocity at different position across channel, different depth (15 to 200 cm) alongwith Date-Time stamp, which is stored in its internal non-volatile memory. which stores last 500 data to its internal memory.
When required the stored data can be uploaded to supplied memory module & then from Memory module to PC using RS 232 cable. On PC user friendly Microsoft Windows based software is supplied for downloading data from Memory module in spreadsheet / ASCII format for further analysis. The Datalogger can be programmed according to the velocity formula supplied with Current meter when calibrated.
This instrument is suitable for most general measurements in analysis of water dispatch quantity in Canals & Rivers, Agricultural Investigations & many more applications.



Sensor Input : Contact Pulses /
Display : 16 x 2 character alphanumeric LCD display
User Input : User friendly pushbutton switches (easy menu navigation)
Memory : up to 500 readings with date-time, Position, Depth
Non-volatile memory chip
Settings : Velocity formula can be programmed as per current meter
Operating Temperature : 0 to 60 c
Operating Humidity : max. 80% RH
Date-time function : battery backed digital RTC chip
RTC Backup Battery : 3 V Lithium Coin cell (CR 2032)
Battery : 9V battery