A tipping bucket rain gauge is used for measurement of rainfall. It measures the rainfall with a least count of 0.5 mm. Rain Gauge consists of Fiberglass body & twin buckets mounted on a horizontal shaft. It has two stable positions. The collector area of the rain gauge is 324 cm2 . Thus a volume of 32.4 cm3 corresponds to 1 mm of rainfall. The rainfall collected by the receiver reaches to one of the twin bucket through a funnel. The weight of rain in bucket causes the tilting of the bucket from position to another position and brings the other bucket under the funnel for collecting water. Every time the bucket tilts the small magnet attached to the horizontal shaft of the bucket actuates a reed switch generating one electric pulse. Facility for leveling the bucket and proper calibration are also provided in the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.

The pulses are counted by Digital Datalogger & stored alongwith Date & Time in its internal Memory. The stored data can be downloaded to PC in Datasheet format & analyze it using any spreadsheet software.

Models : 0.5 mm / 0.01 inch per tip