The rain gauge uses a tipping bucket mechanism that triggers a magnetic reed switch once every unit of rainfall (0.2 mm). Every pulses by Tipping bucket is counted by Digital Direct Rainfall Indicator Display unit, which is continuously totalizing rain fall. There is RESET switch. After note down the rainfall reading, pressing RESET will reset the counter (resets rainfall to ZERO)
The Rain gauge series tipping bucket Rain Gauge is sturdy constructed from durable Fibreglass body with 203.3 mm diameter Gunmetal Collector rim at top for accuracy of collector area. The tipping mechanism is having very solid construction ensuring that tips are accurate and consistent in volume. All the material used in this instruments are weatherproof, non-corrosive material. The system consists of internal Battery for longer supply, which is
charged by Solar panel for continuous operation of instrument.
The system can easily be taken apart to clean. Debris and dirt will collect in this mechanism, thus making it essential that cleaning becomes an integral part of the maintenance program.


Sensing Type :             Tipping Bucket mechanism
Display :                       16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD display
Resolution :                 0.2 mm per tip (0.5 mm optional)
Operating Range :      unlimited rainfall (Upto 600 mm / hr. intensity )
Reliability :                  Typically five (5) years’ operation.
Sensor System :          Reed Switch
Data Logger :              Microcontroller based Digital Rain fall indicator in mm
Power Supply :            In-built battery with Solar panel for charging battery