The Universal current Meter is a world recognized designed propeller type instrument for measuring the velocity of water from 0.025 to 10.0 m/sec. in rivers, streams, open canals, pressure pipes, lakes and seas.
Current Meter consists of streamlined body which houses the sensing mechanism, an encapsulated sensor, and the propeller shaft mounted such that each rotation of the shaft produces a pulse from the sensor. The pulses are conducted through a lead to the surface where they are counted by a current meter Counter. The velocity of the stream is proportional to the rotations of the propeller. The following equation is used to calculate the velocity.
The standard configuration is supplied with 1 Mtr. x 3 sections of 20mm diameter rod for locating in shallow to medium depth streams or rivers. The rod is graduated every 1cm. Apoint and base plate is used to position the rod in the river or stream bed.
The Current Meter provides a pulse to a Current Meter Counter. The Counter is a complete Digital counter which can be set to count pulses for a specific time period (10-90 secs). The counter stops when the time perio d has elapsed and shows a digital reading for the number of pulses.