The Temperature Sensor with PT-100 RTD element with electronic circuitry housed in a protective enclosure & sensor element within the radiation shield to protect the sensor from direct exposure to sunlight, extreme wind, rain, dust etc.The sensor Transmitter is powered by 10-30 V DC & the output from the sensor transmitter is set & calibrated to give output related to actual Temperature of -10 C to 60 C with output of 0-1 V DC.For special purpose the output signal is available in 4-20 mA current output, 0 -10 V DC.
The Humidity Sensor is configured for measuring relative humidity in environmental control systems, where condensation or dust will commonly be encountered. A fully gasketed watertight enclosure, and a brass sintered filter protect the electronics and sensors from environmental or mechanical damage. An electronic circuit in the enclosure converts the capacitance to a voltage
output which is linearly proportional to the ambient relative humidity.The sensor is to be mounted in a solar radiation shield when placed outdoors.The sensor can be powered by 10-30 Vdc.
The 3 Cup Anemometer is a general purpose wind speed measuring instrument. The unit has excellent specifications, is durable, and yet is very economical.The cup assembly and drive shaft rotate on precision stainless steel instrument bearings. The drive shaft has opto-electronic circuitry which generates TTL pulses.The frequency generated is proportional to the wind speed.
The Wind Vane is used for obtaining precise measurements of wind direction. The counterbalanced lightweight aluminum vane assembly is coupled to a precision potentiometer that, when properly oriented, provides a voltage signal output 0 – 1 V DC, that is proportional to the wind direction.The unit uses two precision stainless steel instrument bearings to provide long life.