The Gauging Reel is used alongwith Bridge outfit structure to position stream gaging and sample collection equipment. The gauging reel is intended for
manual operation. The reel has 30 or 50 meters of 2.5 mm.
The reel is equipped with a zero re-settable 5 digit mechanical counter which displays the depth in centimeters. Lowering the water current meter with top
of water in river, resetting the counter & lowering water current meter to bottom will show the depth of water flow at that point. Generally at 2/3 depth the water velocity is measured which can be obtained using the
It is easy to operate by rotating the detachable handle wither clockwise or anticlockwise. The cable is wound on the drum gradually with equal spacing. The reel isequipped with a ratchet and pawl which is engaged to hold the metering or sampling equipment in position.
The material used in this gauging reel are generally Aluminium & Gunmetal with precision bearings & brass gearings with mechanical counter.
The winch is capable of handling 100 Kg. of weight of Sediment Sampler / Current Meter sounding weight.