Infiltration is the process of water penetrating the ground surface. The intensity of this process is called the infiltration rate. The infiltration rate
is expressed in terms of the volume of water per ground surface and per
unit of time [L/T, for instance mm/min]. The infiltration capacity of the soil
indicates the maximum infiltration rate at a certain moment. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to determine the infiltration capacity of the soil, for instance in infiltration areas or infiltration basins.
The double ring infiltrometer is suitable for almost any type of soil and is applied in irrigation and drainage projects, groundwater and infiltration
basins, in optimising water availability for plants and to determine the
effects of cultivation.
The instrument consists of two concentric rings inner and outer rings.
The outer ring is 30 cm diameter; the inner ring 15 cm diameter made from Stainless Steel with Sharp Edge at end. The two rings are driven into the ground and partially filled with water. The double ring design helps prevent divergent flow in layered soils. The outer ring acts as a barrier to encourage only vertical flow from the inner ring.
The water level is maintained for a specific period of time, using the level tube, depending on the type of soil and permeability level. The volume of water needed to maintain a specified level and the time factors are recorded. This information is converted into a specific infiltration rate by calculation. While ordering, please mention which pair you are required. 15-30 cm or 30-45 cm.

Ordering Parameters :
Size of Ring pair available :
(1) 15 cm & 30 cm
(2) 30 cm & 45 cm