Quick stream flow measuring is best done with a water current meter to measure water current velocity. Stream flow measuring is easily accomplished using a water current meter and a tape measure. The current velocity meter allows you to measure stream flow velocity in meters per second. The average stream flow velocity times the cross sectional area of the stream determines the stream flow measurement in meters per second.
Handheld Direct Velocity indicator is connected to Water current meter using electric cable. Water Current Meter is lowered in water using rope cable manually or using bridge outfit. The rotation of water current meter is proportional to water velocity. Every rotation by magnetic reed switch assembly gives contact pulse output.
The direct velocity meter has alphanumeric display, which indicates direct velocity in meter / second. First of all the velocity formula (which is given by CW&PRS while calibration) is entered & stored in velocity indicator. The duration for which the pulses are measured are also pre-settable from 10 sec. to 180 secs (User may select the period for which the unit will count the pulses & make calculation). The velocity indicator counts the pulses generated by water current meter for specified period & calculates Velocity from internal stored formula. It is very user friendly, Just press START button & wait for
specified duration & direct velocity is indicated directly in meter / seconds. The instrument operates on standard 9V Alkaline Battery.
The Velocity Indicator may be used with any type of Water Current Meter : Cup type / Pigmy type or Propeller type.