We are developing, producting and supplyig Hydrological, Meteorological & Rivergauging equipments for the analysis of weather data to Various Government & Non-Government institutions. We are manufacturing Meteorological equipments certified by Indian Meteorological Department, Pune on request. Our instruments and systems fulfill in all respects to extensive level of accuracy. Weather data analysis without Computer aided measurement & logging is unthinkable today. We develop complete ready to start systems for all essential or optional components as per customer’s requirement.
The unit consists of float, pulley, counter weight & rotary position sensor to keep track of the Water Level. The rotary sensor is built using highly reliable parts for durability & reliability for a long term. The electrical signals from sensor are fed to the datalogger & the water level is calculated, displayed &
logged in internal memory along with date & time at user specified interval. The DWLR is using Advanced Micro-controller system & Inbuilt Real Time Clock having Leap Year compensation with battery backup. The Data can be logged at specified interval set by User. 2 GB Internal Memory card for data storing for almost 5-6 years of data. Every month’s new EXCEL file will be created in memory card, whcih can be viewed on PC. Low Power consumption having Internal 12 V SMF Battery with Solar Panel Recharging of Battery for Remote locations for continuous operation of instrument. 20 x 4 Alphanumeric Display for instant view of current level & Settings. 2GB Memory card and USB card reader are supplied with this unit. Another RS232 port is provided to upload data through Telemetry system to website / Server. (Optional) Telemetry system is used to send data through GSM modem network to Control room through internet. User can retrieve data from control room without visiting to site personally.


Sensor : Float-Pulley type & Incremental Encoder.

Range : 0 – 20.0 Mtr. ( As per customer’s request )

Resolution : 1 mm

Accuracy : 0.01% of Full scale range

Display : 20 x 4 Alphanumeric LCD display

Clock : Internal RTC clock with battery backup

Logging Interval : User selectable (5,10,15,30,60,120 minutes)

Memory capacity : 2 GB memory card (upto 5-6 years)

Interface : USB port / RS 232 port (for telemetry)

Battery : 12V SMF battery with Solar panel

Enclosure : Weatherproof Enclosure