The modified Bridge Outfit – Crane is manufactured as per IS 6064-1971. The bridge outfit is used to suspend current meters and samplers from a bridge into a river or canal. The crane is easy to operate & maintain. It is made
of aluminium structure. The rear assembly is adjustable in a vertical direction so that the platform surface will remain parallel with the road surface when operated on sidewalks.
Winch arrangement (gauging Reel) with handle is fitted on the Crane. The current meter or Sediment Sampler is lowered or lifted by gauging reel easily. The gauging reel has capability to hold the current meter at any depth.
The crane trolley is collapsible so that it can be easily moved from & has 4 wheels with solid rubber tyres, folding handle for easy movement on parapet on bridge sideway.
It is capable of handling upto 100 kg. of sounding weight. Superior quality torque free wire rope from which the current meter is suspended is incorporated & wounded.