Bank-Operated Cable ways are designed as a safe, low- cost, one-man operation cable way to replace manned cable cars or for sites that are not easily gaged by boat or a bridge at suitable cross sections of rivers or canals.
This cable way system offers span medium-sized streams up to 100-150 feet wide. The gauging reel cable length limits the operating width.
An upright MS tower is installed on each bank. On the shore with easy access, a pulley driven housing is mounted atop the tower. On the far shore the post supports a pulley, the tail hold. Operated with a double drum winch (gauging reel), hand crank, the pulley-drive controls the movement of a looped
cable that is stretched between the towers. A traveling block rides on the upper cable loop and is attached to the lower cable loop. Suspended from this traveling block, the current meter or bedload sampler may be positioned and lowered anywhere in the cross section.
Agauging reel, is attached to fittings on the near tower (Figure 2). The cable from the gauging reel is used to suspend the measuring equipment, such as a current meter. The cable is supported by the lower pulley of the traveling block. Using the gauging reel, the equipment may be raised and lowered
as needed for data collection. Thus, the horizontal position of the current meter is controlled by the cable crank, while the vertical movement is controlled by the gauging reel. Two mechanical re-settable counters are attached with both drum, one indicating cross sectional distance & other is for
measuring immersed depth of current meter in water.