Today, the measurement, processing and analysis of meteorological data requires a high degree of measurement instrument precision and an optimal adaption of the data acquired to the task at hand. Our instruments and systems fulfill in all respects to extensive level of accuracy. Weather data analysis without Computer aided measurement & logging is unthinkable today. We develop complete for all essential or optional components as per customer’s requirement.
The TEMPERATURE SENSOR with electronic circuitry housed in a protective enclosure. The HUMIDITY SENSOR consists an electronic circuit in the enclosure converts the capacitance to a voltage output which is linearly proportional to the ambient relative humidity. Both sensors elements kept within the radiation shield to protect the sensor from direct exposure to sunlight, extreme wind, rain, dust etc.
The 3 CUP ANEMOMETER is a general purpose wind speed measuring instrument using 3 rotating cups. The frequency generated is proportional to the wind speed. The Rainfall sensor (tipping bucket) is made of fibre body. which collects rain & sends signal to datalogger. The WIND VANE is used for
obtaining precise measurements of wind direction. The counter-balanced lightweight aluminum vane assembly with a precision potentiometer gives signal that is proportional to the wind direction. The BAROMETRIC PRESSURE sensor is made of piezo-electric sensor with temp. compensation for accurate measurements.
The Datalogger is using Advanced Microcontroller system & Inbuit Real Time Clock with battery backup. The Data can be logged at specified interval set by User. 1 GB inernal memory suitable for approx. 3 years of data. 8 Analog Input channels, 5 Digital Inputs. Having 12 V SMF Battery for backup in case of MAINS power failure. Optional Solar Panel Recharging of Battery for Remote locations. 20 x 4 Alphanumeric / TFT Display for instant Data reading & Settings. To transfer to data to a PC, USB & RS232 port is inbuilt. The data downloading can be done using USB pen drive. The file will be in EXCEL CSV format.
The system also comes with optional GSM/GPRS telemetry system attached with RS232 port & data can be downloaded / uploaded to web site without visiting site.